Choosing a good name for your projects

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I have always found it difficult to decide on a name for my projects. Most of the time I fail to even choose any name, which is a pretty easy way to prevent a project from even being released. You could think it’s a futile question because the project itself is the most important thing. Well, the name you’re not choosing is what people would use to refer to your work. It’s like a project without a name doesn’t even exist.

Deciding a name for your projects is a creative task: you can choose whatever name you want, there are no constraints.

Choosing a name for your projects is hard: the name should reflect the style and spirit of the project, it should also be catchy and easy to remember.

Projects themselves must be referenced anyway, which is why I usually refer to them using code names, but be careful to find a real name as soon as you can or else you’re going to stick with the code name. This is an easy solution, but most of the time you can do a lot better just giving it a little bit more thought.

For our AdventureJam project we started with the code name The daily routine, but after some time we decided to call the game Routine. In this case I think we’ve been lucky to have found a good name from the beginning of the project.

The game we’re working on is a text adventure that is also a reflection on pros and cons of our daily routine.

What is the subtle difference between a life spent repeating the same actions day after day and a life you can consider truly lived?

How does almost every aspect of our existence have its own meaning, even when they become part of our routine?

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