It's AdventureJam time

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The team is composed by me, Daniel, Francesco, and Luca.

The mission is to build a text-adventure in 14 days for the AdventureJam.

Well, we’re not starting the project at full speed since I’m writing this post while flying to meet my family in Italy for Easter holidays. The team is therefore already missing one member, even before starting the competition, but we’re ready to achieve the goal anyway!

The best part about jams is precisely this: there’s a clear goal and a finite (short) amount of time to achieve it. This helps you stay focused and the time scarsity lets you avoid energy in futile features and optimizations.

Right now we only know that the project will be a web-based text-adventure built using gist-txt, a tool I created to share HTML5 adventure games.

The four of us will collaborate on the story and the game design. Daniel will also draw some illustrations. Francesco and Luca will also care of sound design and music.

More updates about the development of the project soon.
Stay tuned!

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