The Daily Checklist: visualizing one year of 'things'

I always thought one year is a fairly long amount of time, but when I tried to draw each day of the year as a square in a grid, it became more clear that in fact it’s not such a long period.

Visualizing each day in a year put things into perspective and made it clearer how valuable is each moment we spend.

To put some content in the aforementioned visualization, I started to track a collection of things that I could do on an average day. I thought it would have been interesting, once one year of data has been collected, to take a look at the whole picture and to recognize patterns.

The project started on 04/23/2016 and will end one year from that date, on 04/22/2017. During this period I will use a custom little Android app to keep track of things that I do every day. The app posts each thing that I mark as done to an HTTP API written in Go and running on Google App Engine.

I will publish the code of both the server and the app soon, in the meantime check out the visualization at

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