FBSE: costructive failure

Yesterday the Node.js Kockout ended.

Two crazy days - and nights - of coding, brainstorming, having fun, drinking and eating with Francesco, Luca, Matteo and Nicola. Luca travelled directly from Viterbo to attend the programming competition.

The product we made is called FBSE and it’s a stock exchange simulation game.

Well, FBSE is one of the ugliest apps I’ve ever see but I love it anyway.

The coolest part of the idea is to make stocks gain or lose value following people social interaction level, but you should also be able to buy and sell stocks and to manage your portfolio.

We worked hard to set it up and running, but it didn’t change our final result: a total failure. The app was too big and our knowledge of node.js too small.

We used express.js as web framework, mongoose ORM, everyauth and mongoose-auth to handle authentication and a lot of redis data structures to store trading data.

Stocks prices and price variations are updated in realtime using the Facebook realtime API and socket.io.

I’d like also to thank my girlfriend Giorgia for the delicious pasta fredda, Massimo for the prototype idea and for your support, and Guglielmo for the beautiful logo we didn’t have the chance to use.

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