Helpful things learned by Jason Goldberg

Here’s some of the things learned by Jason Goldberg running I totally agree with:

  1. Do one thing.
    Find one thing you can do really well and focus entirely on that one thing.
  2. Say no!
    Don’t do any thing else except for your one thing. Say no to meetings, ideas, proposal, b.s., outside of your core one thing.
  3. Service matters more than sales.
    Sales go up and down. Service lasts forever.
  4. Make mistakes.
    Take risks. Move fast. Learn faster.
  5. Celebrate your challenges.
    Force the team to focus on why you suck, even while you’re growing.
  6. Be transparent.
    The more people know, the better.
  7. Measure Everything.
  8. Fill your gaps.
    Bring in new talent to spur further growth.
  9. Say please & thank you.
    People do things because they want to, not because they have to.
  10. Have fun.
    Life’s too short to do it any other way.

Read the full list here at Jason Goldberg’s blog post.

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