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In this series of posts I describe the process I've followed, as an amateur game designer, for developing an adventure game written in Swift using the SpriteKit framework for iOS.

I’ve recently played The Secret of Monkey Island, maybe for the third time in my life. That game is awesome! It’s a little bit outdated now, but still.

I thought it would be cool to try and make an adventure game myself. I would take this as an opportunity for learning some Swift and SpriteKit, that seems like a good candidate for developing a 2D game.

I will write posts to keep track of my progress and to share some of the knowledge I gain. The plan is to publish at least one post every week.

In these posts I would like to talk mainly about technical challenges and game design decisions.

I’m going to share these information as an amateur iOS developer and wanna be game designer, so don’t expect a very detailed guide on how to make 2D adventure games, but I’m enjoying writing this, so I hope you’ll enjoy reading it too.

I’m also seeking for feedback, but I want to keep this blog simple, so I will share these posts on r/iOSProgramming for starting a conversation.


In the next post I’ll talk a little bit about the SpriteKit framework and how I’ve setup a cross platform project.

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