Collect and show Airbrake errors metrics with Ruby

Yesterday I wrote a little Ruby script to fetch Airbrake’s error groups. The main goal was to identify the most common errors.

The script started as a single file blob of code. After some refactoring I created two main classes: AirbrakeFetcher and BarChart.


Use this class to retrieve error groups, see more at Airbrake API Reference - Groups v4. Create a new instance by providing your Airbrake API key and project id.

AirbrakeFetcher has two public methods:

  1. fetch_groups(page, limit) to fetch a single page of error groups
  2. fetch_all_groups to fetch all error groups

fetch_all_groups doesn’t return anything, but yields objects returned by fetch_groups for each page.

I used fetch_all_groups to collect data about error groups.


Use this class to build a textual bar chart from a list of couples [label, value].

BarChart has one public method:

  1. draw returns a string representing a bar chart associated to instance’s data

I used draw to show the data I collected in the previous step with AirbrakeFetcher.

Note: maybe draw is not the best name I could have chosen for this method. I guess I could have called it to_s, since it doesn’t have any drawing side effect.

Example usage

Below an example usage of both classes to show a bar chart of errors grouped by error type.

From an example execution on a Rails app, the most common error I found was NoMethodError, that happens most of the time when you try to call a method on a nil object.

What is your most common error?